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How to Use Ukrainian Reference Grammar in English (URGE)

Thank you for purchasing Andrij HornjatkevyUkrainian Reference Grammar in English (URGE for short).
The URGE file works with Adobe Reader and with Apple’s Macintosh Preview program. Download and install the latest versions before launching URGE.
URGE is password protected. Your password was sent to you by e-mail.
URGE is a ‘read only’ PDF, meaning that you cannot copy or paste the text. Printing is allowed (see License Agreement) for personal use only. Print resolution is 150 dpi.
URGE contains many hyperlinks that will help you navigate and find information quickly and easily. Be sure to active the “Bookmark” tab in Adobe Reader (or the sidebar in the Preview program) to see the hyperlinked Table of Contents.
  1. Click any chapter title in the Table of Contents (Bookmarks) to jump to the beginning of that chapter.
  2. Every numbered entry in the Subject Index is hyperlinked and will immediately take you to the
    appropriate page.
  3. Cross-references (marked by numbers such as “2.2.2”) within the e-Book are also hyperlinked and will take you to another section.
When you arrive at a new destination, quickly return to the original page by clicking the ‘Back’ button in Preview or the ‘Previous View’ button in Adobe Reader (for details, consult Help in the respective programs).
Here are views of the bookmark sidebar in Adobe Reader and the Table of Contents in Preview (Macintosh):

Pasted Graphic Pasted Graphic 1 PreviewTOC

How to Use 530 Ukrainian Verbs

Read the "530 Quick Start Guide" at the beginning of the book.
Note: words in the index are hyperlinked to the conjugated verb. Click on the page number to quickly jump to that page:

Pasted Graphic 5 Pasted Graphic 6